Matthew Lam is a Three-times Millionaire within Propnex and leading Senior Group District Director till date with more than 300 members.

Excelling in both team-building and personal sales, he has doubled his income year on year, since 2014.

At the same time, helping members double/triple their income and producing Millionaires for 2 consecutive years since 2019.

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matthew’s journey

After nearly a decade in the business, I made my first 7-Figure revenue in Propnex as one of the Top 10 Producers. 

I became a leader at the age of 29, at Propnex and in Powerful Negotiators in 2017.

I’ve coached over 300+ agents within MattLamDivision, using my proven system of building real estate business.

how can i help you?

“We want to keep chasing our dreams, and most importantly, freedom in life.”

Yes, that’s what most people want and I know you want it too. That’s why you are here.

You probably dreamed of purchasing a new house, a brand new car and have a successful career.

The fastest way to achieve your business, financial and life goals

– is to learn from those who’ve embarked and completed this journey.

Those who have achieved financial freedom and can help you pave the way.

“How you are within, Is how your prospects perceive you” 

I hold this mantra very close to my heart and I encourage everyone to make the changes from within.
As long as you have the mindset to change, your clients will be able to feel your sincerity and that is the key to your success.

Proven System For You / Your Team

Change your clients’ perspective on the ABSD .

A presentation to break the ice and gain the trust of your clients.

This way, you and your clients will be aligned and you can guide them through their asset progression with ease.

I am confident that my proven trademark presentation will benefit you and your clients.

Just like how my team members have benefited from it and consistently achieved outstanding results as Platinum Achievers and Super Platinum Achievers.

You deserve the same knowledge and information that they have access to.

mattlam division

MattLamDivision and Powerful Negotiators Group have designed solutions to solve your biggest problems, and help you grow your business, faster than you can imagine…


Matthew and #MattLamDivison members, Adrian Teng and Linda Yang has achieved their Millionaire awards in 2019, 2020 respectively.

Matthew achieved Champion Group District Director and Champion Honours.

“In 2020, we have produced 2 Millionaires, more than

More than 60 Super Platinum and Platinum Achievers, crossing 20 Million of team sales with just 170 members

And I very sure we will be able to achieve greater success with this wonderful family.

Let’s Meet For A Non-Obligatory, and Free Sharing Session To Know More.

What You Can Expect From My 2 Hour Sharing?


  • 40-page presentation kit to share with consumers what is the market trend
  • How to adapt to the ever-changing markets.
    What does it mean for your clients?
  • An outlook and direction of the property market so that your agents will also understand how to connect with consumers.ers.
  • How I work together with you to build a winning team of agents that can earn you more $250,000 overriding commission excluding personal sales commission